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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

Poetry, Short stories, Blog, Titan

Come to me thy sweet death follow by sword held
Traveler from Roland’s hand to mine in blood borne
See the souls flee before the merciless sword takes their life 

The kiss of angels the bite of demons Durandal bears well
This savior of the last bastion of hope does spray life’s blood
My arm tires not from this fight as our ground is red and bright

Come softly to me sweet death for this dream made life
A right fight against dark forces might where we stand in the light
Others scream at this demon in red yet I remain your heart love

Know that as we stand and die in waning light a darkening twilight
My love, heart, and soul remain forever yours for my tomorrows are done
This land will grow on blood spent well today shall bring the future’s harvest


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