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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

Poetry, Short stories, Blog, Titan

Chill of spring flowers


mermories of loved ones past


Perennial hope


copyright by Sean Vessey

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Colors in motion


Iron donkey unburdened


We pass by as blurs

/ copyright by Sean Vessey, April 6, 2017

Africa hill kings

Reach for a beautiful sky

Without a rainbow

/ Sean Vessey March 12, 2017

Africa Trip

The Nile disappears

Darkness covers land below

Farewell till morning

/ Sean Vessey, March 10, 2017

Africa Trip

Lost small hearts await

Shattered dreams of children cry

Hungry in all things

//Sean Vessey March 8, 2017

Africa trip

Into the Abyss

Walkabout in the unknown

Land with a soft smile

// Sean Vessey 3/7/2017 Africa Trip


Catch a dream awake


Find passions untapped in eyes


Ignite fires within 


Copyright by Sean Vessey 

December 26th 2016