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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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Innocents slain twiceOnce by difference haters

By those who forget 

Waves play with our toes

Private delights below deck

Sweet smiles shared after



/ copyright by Sean Vessey, April 28, 2016

Tulips seek sunshine

Taste of the promise of joy

Morning ecstasy 



/ Copyright by Sean Vessey, April 14, 2016

Hearts filled by your love

Memories alive in us

Your smile lingers still



/ copyright by Sean Vessey April 5, 2016 – I miss you, Mom.

Sand outnumbers

Tears shed for stolen loved ones

Things they cannot feel



/ copyright by Sean Vessey, November 14, 2015

Tiger scratches red

Clouds blood in bold sunset streaks

Passion met desires

Copyright by Sean Vessey 11/13/2015


Wine cherry kisses

Avocado embraces

Artichoke desires



/ copyright by Sean Vessey

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