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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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Colors in motion


Iron donkey unburdened


We pass by as blurs

/ copyright by Sean Vessey, April 6, 2017

Africa hill kings

Reach for a beautiful sky

Without a rainbow

/ Sean Vessey March 12, 2017

Africa Trip

The Nile disappears

Darkness covers land below

Farewell till morning

/ Sean Vessey, March 10, 2017

Africa Trip

Lost small hearts await

Shattered dreams of children cry

Hungry in all things

//Sean Vessey March 8, 2017

Africa trip

Into the Abyss

Walkabout in the unknown

Land with a soft smile

// Sean Vessey 3/7/2017 Africa Trip


Catch a dream awake


Find passions untapped in eyes


Ignite fires within 


Copyright by Sean Vessey 

December 26th 2016

Dark streets were empty 


All Trick or Treaters vanished 


Still hungry They knock!!!


Copyright by Sean Vessey, October 31, 2016