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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

Poetry, Short stories, Blog, Titan

Things in the deep dark,
Are tame compared to horrors,
That wear human faces

Sun drives away the night,
Chilling images warmed by the light,
Forsaken soul left cold

Sunset horizon bends,
Tomorrow calls the future
The Jazzman plays on.
Day surrenders to night,
Meeting at horizon’s edge
To trade their desires
Kiss the Sun goodbye,
Along with reason and sanity,
Dance with your desires.
I remember you,
I see our hearts open wide,
Our love flowing out.
Hi, I am afraid,
I have nothing left but love,
Let’s make more in life.
Wolf takes her howling
Letting their beast’s ecstasy writhe, 
In their joy complete
Sunlight in puddles,
Reflected joy in Nature’s tears,
Our love in our tears
Life’s close calls abound, 
Imagine what you have missed today,
As love says goodbye


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