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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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467th AAA (SP) D-Day June 6, 1944  

the bumper sticker on Uncle Alan’s Station Wagon.

I ask him about that day,

long ago hoping for a High Crusade tale.

I see his eyes go sad, 

back to Omaha Beach on H-Hour D-Day.


His best friend in the world Robert,

drives their M3 iron steed with Quad .50 guns.

Together they live the perils of the chow hall, 

training, the stories of sweethearts met and unmet.

Shared dreams of the good they would do

as best buddies forged forever like the knights of old.


On Bloody Omaha Beach, the water is red from the dead,

drown in a hailstorm of hell from the enemy keeps.

Their driver hit, someone takes his place,

tears streaming from his eyes, rolling through the storm.

Robert died, before he even got to beach,

Alan says, his eyes back to now.



After Alan had followed his friend,

I stood on that beach shore.

I found those heroes’ story there,

Of brave men, roaring through the fire,

Up to the dragon’s maw,

silencing the beast with fiery lances.

For Alan Anderson and all the others of the Greatest Generation who lived and died for us.  


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