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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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It is time now you said
Are you so sure I asked 
I am not yet so mature
Nor am I quite rich here

If we waited for all that
Our kids would never be
No phallic barrier walls
After stopping our magic pills

We make love with abandon 
For kids are best love stirred
We laugh at odd beliefs heard
The passionate picks the sex

The first is scary gray
I follow her away
As they close your tummy 
Now Lauren she is pink

We make love on a trip
For their wedding day joy
It becomes another funny
As your big tummy grows

The day comes on again
My small birthday present
As they close your tummy
Little Amanda cries hard

We raise both of them right
We raise both of them well
We send them off to learn
We know they taught us first 

Our once love has changed
Our partnership is over
Our loves remain in life
Our children always loved

Happy Mother’s Day.     


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