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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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“I need a vacation“, I groan. I wave at Murph for another Baccus Ale.

“Hi, Dad,” comes from behind. I steel myself for a scream, reunion, or a murder… I turn … causally extending my right hand … Dropping my left for the brass knuckles.

The Jukebox plays on “Ground Control to Major Tom…”

She is a blue-eyed knockout almost as tall as me.

“You are”

“beautiful like Mom,” she interrupts. “I am called by your favorite gun and song. Here, Mom said you would need these!”

Five .44 rounds with blue tips!

“Gun!” I yell. Murph tosses the 1873 my way.

Thanks, Winchester”, I laugh.

The door alarm sounds.

Prompt at Saturday Centus


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