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Eau De La Vie Est Belle

Welcome friend
L’Apéritif is served
Gentle smiles
Soft greetings
Tantalize our appetites
Glimmers of our hearts

Sit for now
L’Entrée starts the feast
Small samples
Hot and cold
Of desires shared between us
Pleasures of the lips

Thrills to try
Le Plat Principal
Smells delight
Mouths water
Side bites complement our meal
Dishes we enjoy

Little joys
La Fromages respite
Fingers touch
Tongues taste
We share the treasures we find
Ready for more fun

We shiver
Le Dessert calls low
Light and sweet
Cold then hot
Bodies in ecstasies grip
We cling in support

Help arrives
Le Café is here
Warm inside
Lips revive
We feed each other again
Finding our feelings

End begins
Le Digestif quenches
Last nights drink
Final sip
Good evening a firm retreat
To tomorrows meals

/ copyright by Sean Vessey 2013.
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