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too much song

On the 13th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Thirteen Halos shining (followed by thirteen angry angels)
Twelve Reindeer playing (till Archers saw them)
Eleven Stars twinkling (spelling out my name)
Ten Cars for racing (away from battling bots)
Nine Archers firing (at Christmas treetoppers)
Eight Rombas cleaning (up reindeer games)
Seven Bartistas serving (Holiday Coffee)
Six FedExMen delivering (gifts to be returned)
Five Golden Slings (for zinging rings)
Four Battling Bots (vaporizing leaves)
Three French beers (for the madness to come)
Two Love Birds loving (the smart ones in this song)
One bed awaiting (my true love)
/ Copyright Sean Vessey 2012.
Prompt and 12 days of Christmas Picture at Jenny Matlock’s Blog – Saturday Centus #138
Jenny Matlock

photograph ‘At The Mall’ by S. Vessey


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