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A Bah Humbug Tale
Bah Humbug, a bad bit of Brie
I should not have talked to Marley
Bah Humbug, misplaced my white glove
Spirit Past says regret lost love
Bah Humbug, I hate what you think
Spirit Present, those urchins stink
Bah Humbug, Crutchit’s boy looks grave
Think of the money Bob will save
Bah Humbug, to my quick demise
Ghost, I will give Bob a surprise
Bah Humbug, I will see to Tim
Amazing that boy will be PM
Through this happy time I will part
I will keep Christmas in my heart
If a man such as I may change
Hope lives for all to so arrange
Please enjoy your holiday fun
Tim says God bless us every one
/ Copyright Sean Vessey 2012
Prompt at Poets United – Wonder Wednesday #12 Scrooge
Poets United


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