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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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Know your foe deeply
Small demon’s trainer tells him
Bornsum goes to earth to learn
He finds an angel sorely tested
Peumira her name

Between dilemmas 
Defenseless helping others
Her hand keeps a child from death
Held on window s edge another 
Holds landslides rock tight

Borsum greets cruelly
My name is small cruelties
She laughs “mine small miracles” 
I could hurt you bad he says
“Torture me” she moans

I like that he laughs
Earn my name with simple words
“Cruel and evil” she sings
It is me he baritones 
Good and bad duet

You will fail he grins
You are weak all you have…love
“Bad one born of small evils”
Is that all there is,  you love?
“All I need is love”

Love is joy of death?
“Love is joy of life embraced”
Feel my words crush your spirit
“Feel my love like oceans waves”
I can wound you well

“I can love you well”
Bah! I fling landslides rock far.
See my power hit the lake?
The flood will come to kill life.
Comes the landslide too.

“Well done, my demon
Landslide will protect the town
Flooding brings the farms water
The noise brings the child’s parents
Well done, my demon”

Fire from deep below
Borsum banished unprotected
Fireball, goods wrath descends 
Borsum awaits his last doom
You have won, Angel

“No you have won me”
Peumira pulls him from harm
“I will show you how love works”
You had me at torture me
“Silly demon love”

Do you like movies?
“I like writing our own tale”
I learned my foe well as told
“You learned, my unlikely love”
Show me more of love.

/Copyright Sean Vessey 2012
 Carry on Tuesday prompt #141


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