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Brynhildr flys faster than night and lays him before the Lady.

Freya moans “Back again…my love”

The dead man stirs.  Freya coos “sleep”.   

“I knew you would want to sooth him.”
Brynhildr says softly.

“Thank you, Brynhildr, Queen of Valkyries, for kindness.” 

“Farewell, Lady Freya.”

Freya whispers “I’m sorry you can not have the peace of heroes that stay dead. Dream of our last time together.  Oh my Love, I miss you.  I will come back to Midgard…”

Freya??? I moan.

“Sleep, brave one.”


“You live like you can die” Freya breathing hard.

I pause mid kiss.  I can not live any other way I say.  You have to live and love life to appreciate it.

“I agree” she says lifting my head up to kiss her mouths warm wet lips


I wake feeling sore, loved on the beach below the cliff cache, knowing who blew me up…
/ copyright Sean Vessey 2012
Saturday Centus #90
Jenny Matlock


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