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I note they are putting the last of the retroverts to sleep.  I go see them one last time in person instead of via the alt sex feeds.  I have to disconnect from my cocoon and go mobile.   There are complaints from fifty-seven lovers currently online on the nano second delay of my mobile wet wear.  I am very happy I have not filled up all my web world with lovers.  My feet are happy that I have maintained my body muscles so I can leave my cocoon unlike so many.   

My webguidance leads me to the “Zoo” the nickname for the Museum of Anachronism.    
It is disturbing and strangely interesting to see them touch each other.  Especially lips to lips.  The thought of actually touching makes me cringe as my heart races.  It is good they are conditioned to only touch each other’s head and face.   Else we would see the full show that many skip to go directly to pleasure peaks.  These retroverts are the last of those that are not connected to the One World Web.

I envy them for they can only hear each other and they rarely speak aloud.  I hear web chatter  endlessly.  I access their file.  They are mated only to each other and refused to be separated from each other or link to the One World Web.  I marvel at their clothes and the way they are lost in each other. They are each other’s world.  Even if they could see out of their world, they would not take their eyes off each other to look.  They are in light stasis with their life slowed to a crawl.  I close my eyes.  I can imagine them dancing like the old vids show holding each other.

“It is sad, isn’t it that they are closing this display.  It is most viewed according to the viewstats.”

I am startled to hear a voice in my ears and turn.  She must exercise in real sun mode too because her skin is baked like mine.  Her eyes query mine and I feel warm.  “It is sad, but the verts are too old to continue and they want to sleep together”.

She comes close.  I can smell her. I like it. “Have you ever wanted to kiss someone in real life?  To really feel it”?

“Yes…NO! I am no vert! On the Web we can kiss, know everything, and feel everything right away.  It should be better”! 

She smiles seeing me all too clearly.  “I knew it! You want to kiss in realtime, real life too.  I am IP 3745.6563.79122A Don’t access my file.  Ask me with your mouth”!   She is almost touching me.

“Are you jealous of the verts too? I ask taking her face in my hands like I had seen them do.  

“Yes…,” she whispered as my lips touched hers,

I blackout.  I awake “where are you”?

“I am here, ” she says. “I am here and so are you” patting my arm with a smile.  “Our wetware is gone.  We can’t hear the webchatter anymore”!!!  

“We are the new exhibit”? I smile.

“With a few changes” she says melting into me,  “Now, Kiss me again”.  
/ copyright Sean Vessey 2011
Magpie Photo Prompt #92



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