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It is not
Faith’s lack that kills me
That is gone
Crushes me killing the love 
That we hold most dear.

It is a strange note to find on white parchment in a typewriter.  Stranger still when the coroner says the dead man with the note was crushed to death in a locked room.  The dead man, G. Miller, has two tiny black horns growing out of his forehead.

I find no signs of black killing magic.

  “This is odd one”  Detective Mylo, my Were partner, notes sniffing carefully.  

“NYC on Halloween.  We always catch the weird case on the Arcane Task Force every time” I say.

“Tis the season” Mylo jokes.

The knock at the window is very insistent. I open it and a Dark Witch wearing a cloud, sweeps in on a broom, crying “oh no! Geoffrey!”

I grab her to keep her from going to him.  “We are still processing the scene. Detectives Diogenes and Mylo, my partner, at your service”.

“I killed him ” she says.  My truth detector ring stays dark. “I am Lia.  We run the Girl’s Ballet School” My ring blazes.

“My ring says you did not speak the complete truth about killing him.  I have found no signs of black magic in his death” I tell her.

“All the same, I killed him.”  My ring stays dark.

At home, with Mylo, she accuses me with  “YOU liked her!”

“I feel sorry for her” I say as my ring lights up.  “I  love you” I continue as the ring shines brightly.

“You know she is responsible.  I could smell her betrayal” Mylo growls.

“I know but under the law of first causation he killed himself using her actions as activators typed on the parchment of truth.  It is not even a black magic violation per se. Beauty killed the Beast but he arranged it.”

I kiss Mylo hard with the hunger of a long day without her lips.

“Grrr” Mylo shreds another one of my shirts. “Bite me, Darling”.  Being married to a werewoman has its perks.  We celebrate Halloween every night.
/ Copyright by Sean Vessey 2011. For the Magpie Tales #89 Picture Prompt


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