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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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Apart words are all we have

to dance around the magnificence of us

with hearts exchanged in warmest light

words do not seem enough

Close we have more than words

smiles alight our faces when shining eyes say Hi

volumes spoken without a sound echo in our hearts

smiles do not seem enough

Closer we have tools of touch

small touches in the language of love

the reassuring hand gentle pats

touches do not seem enough 

As one love passions rule our senses

us, lips, tongue, arms, hands, fingers, skin, scent, heat

ride the endless waves of desire for brief hours

being one does not seem enough

Hand in Hand we live 

Love we grow every day in every way

in the best times through the worst times

being us is enough for Love.

Copyright Sean Vessey 2011 written for prompt at
and for prompt at


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