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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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Butterflies introduced by warm wind, with coincidences shared, laughing in the night sky,
Love’s air inspired, each, wept with sorrow, laughs with joy, floats with their happy hearts,
Remembering journeys across time, in the vast spaces, buffeted by the wind,
Warm memories of cold temples, beautiful art, good spaces to hide in light,
Among gray canyons, bright colors, swarms of others, trading friendships words,
Alone with the wind celebrating with spins, swirls, dives, touching souls,
Disappearing inside with kisses from unending dreams,
Blown apart by the drifting gentle wind in days light,
Found on oceans high shore the laughing wind smiles twice,
On the windy swept beach of kite rider waves,
Watch with Nature’s awe the kisses of life,
Over golden waters big birds fly,
Swift as words on eagles flight,
A still sea greets the day,
Beckoning all loves in,
Butterfly kisses,
In Hearts delight,
Found love lost,
Winds blow,

Picture by Rose Hardy for One Shoot
Twitter: @rosie_hardy
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