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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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On a whim I approach twin statues by the road,

I tipped my hat and say wana ride my stone ladies,

At my chargin they said yes take us shopping please,

To Secret of Frederick’s we rode for underwear.
Do you like or do you hate this they ask coyly,

You are both so beautiful like love and desire,

We are the same, one and different every day,

What we wear fits our style today or tomorrow.
They prance and play in all the nearly not quite clothes,

We don’t get to dance for interested audiences like you,

You see the woman within not the form without,

You learned that humor will crack the stoniest woman.   
Which do you love the most they ask, a classic trap,

I love you, all of you, I reply with a smile,

You know the way to our heart they say laughing loud,

We are together with smiles and love in our hearts.


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