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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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I held my love’s hand as she died,
I follow with Herme’s sandals,
Death has swifter wings and loses me.

At the crowded gate I look for her,
Wanting one kiss at Heaven’s Gate,
Michael appears with fiery eyes.

It is not your time go away,
He yells, then whispers his voice low,
Please tell Azra you aren’t angry.

“Azra, it’s ok It was her time”
She appears crying hugging me,
Michael scowls let him leave, Azra.

Wait, Peter appearing, demands,
Your love left you a special gift,
Heart within a heart, yours and hers.

That’s where battles rage Michael says,
In the hearts of man for your love,
Fare well Knight, he laughs, you are ok.

Take it, Azra warns, and you’re mortal.
It’s dusty let’s clean it Peter.
“No”, I say loud, “that is our dust”

“See our handprints, the streaks of tears,
We lived, loved well through all our years,
Our hearts helped others with our love.”

Back with our bed, our books unread,
What my love she says as I cried
“I held my love’s hand as she died.”


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