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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

Poetry, Short stories, Blog, Titan

Shattered in a crystal sky my starship flares as my escape pod drops like a stone,
I got the ship that shot mine in our tit for tat far from our normal war places,
Her pod against the beautiful blue world we found heading down far down,
Wonder I do what she looks like or what shes might be just another clone I thought,
Silently my pod drops through planet night my passage unseen by those below,

Enhanced senses smelling, hearing, seeing this place like home but not the same,
In a wonder I move in the dark forest till strange sounds and smells drew me near,
The land vehicle is stopped as two occupants laugh and play I smell one like me,
The other smells wonderfully strange like delicious fruits for the skin and mouth,
I feel like I was deep in a pleasure band dream as their smells wangled my core,

The weapon is cold against my neck show all your skin said a too soft voice,
Horror it is the deadly she armed and dangerous but smells like the one in the vehicle,
I want to kill her and hold her in my minds conflict I am as I decanted from the tank,
So different she is from my brothers I am dismayed by my desire to crush her close,
She steps out of her survival suit lost in her unequalled alien beauty I forget my name,

Know you nothing about mated pairs she asked pushing me down with her weapon,   
Engineer I am not a life scientist like some of my brothers I know engines well,
Then you should catch on quick she laughs her laughter rolls across me warmly,
You are free says she I can feel another she growing within on this glorious world,
To help make something without maintenance is poor engineering that I can’t abide,
Join you I must to ensure we work well and our project grows – mated pairs says she. 



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