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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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Morning rain rinses hearts,
Washing away the warm tears,
With Spring’s cooling touch.

Sun shines on pieces,
Hearts broken in the long night,
Casualties of love

Sunlight kisses day’s hearts,
Bringing them all together,
In their passion’s grace.

Sun burns away fog,
Leaving my naked heart revealed,
In unforgiving light.

Sunlight kisses day’s hearts,
Connecting, love, hopes, and dreams,
In their passion’s grace.

Our dreams leave us spent,
Awaking love scents rule passions
Lips engulf desires.

Ways to find our hearts,
Are infinite in the world,
Know within look out.

Rollin, geese flying,
Paired in sunshine for their life,
What is your heart’s wish?

Legends have their tales,
The truth is human lives lived,
Accepted in our hearts.

Rollin with a smile,
Sunshine above my fast car,
Our hugs remembered.


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