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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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Knight’s Cavalcade version 041911   

Cold dark lonely knight,
Mending another broken heart,
Looking for Dragons, 
Who less taxing are than ladies,
Causing wounds that heal.

Knight’s bad dream of smoke,
As dragons fired King’s castles,
Striking from above,
Suicide beasts jarring explosion,
Smell of Dragonfire.

Leading people out,
Making sure that living lived,
Counting honored dead,
The castle burned smoking for days,
Smell of Dragonfire

Her heart songs called.
He spit out the ferryman’s coin,
finding one true love.
Gray knight smiles in new delight, 
She changed him to life.

A Gray lonely knight,
Out of the darkest shadows,
Into her soul light,
in love dreams wanton fire,
Riding ever riding.

Knight rides hard in dreams,
Waking deeper in love’s spell,
Past his broken hearts field,
His tree of new hearts not needed,
Toward her growing desires…
Was it a dream, a wish,
From a reborn heart love opened 
No, his soul was bound,
To another’s words written there
I love you they said.

You are armored, Knight,
Said the old witch disappointedly.
Another protects you now
With good “evil” passion, she laughs.
Without, dead again! 

Celtic Gods wail Knights loss,
Their Gray fist stolen by the One.
She raised his cold heart,
From dead life to living warmth,
In their new true love

Banish from Hell’s flames
Refused entry at Heaven’s Gates
Gray Knight rides to love,
Doing neither Devils jobs,
Nor those of Angels.


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