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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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Rollin into Light,
Sun’s breath warming like your love,
On dark horizons.

Rollin, into real,
Love in your eyes, voice, and touch,
Is all I want now.

Rollin in memory,
Roller coasters and wild rides,
Leave me with big smiles.

Rollin in sun scape,
Forest fantasies meet there,
In wolf adventures

The moon above glows,
Lighting the wolf’s soft playground,
For Desire’s love feast.

The wolf often desired,
Always feared in flesh and fur,
When true passion bites 

The lone gray wolf is,
always here, hidden desires,
Ready to devour

The Wolf in your eyes,
Kissing over mountains to thighs,
As I moan, surprise.

Devoured by the wolf,
Little deaths of complete joy,
Wake the morning up

Chasing the Big Bad,
Finds Red breathless under Wolf,
Her dark desires found.


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