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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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I saw you last night 
Parts of you everywhere taunting,
My wolf, until sleep,
Where I found you in my heart.

Awash in your love,
I flounder for words of joy,
Finding I love you.

The light of the day,
Brings out cherry blossom smiles,
In glorious cascade.

Pompeii’s volcano,
Stands silent waiting to strike, 
Timeless Unstoppable.

Solid shades of Pompeii,
Their final agonies haunt us,
Reliving violent deaths.

Jewelry of Ladies,
Coins of the wealthy, slave chains,
All equal under ashes.
Your tender words reverberate n my heart~your kisses linger on my lips~ your passion’s name echoes n my ears~ur eyes reflect n memory w love

Sunshine of your smile,
Warmth into morning’s desire,
Gentle lips and hands. 

Urquhart Castle burns
On Loch Ness waking monsters,
Hate within men’s hearts

Lovers in the glen,
Kept me awake listening,
Wishing you were here,
Laughing with ghosts in the night,
More Scotland legends.

Mist on the Mountain,
Tears fall on my heart like rain, 
Watering love’s flowers.

Great War Monuments,
Untold tears wet sorrows fields,
Yet peace does not grow.
Daffodils kisses,
Spring’s passion brings out color,
Like yours to my face.

Sunrise dawn of tears,
A promise kept in day’s light,
Love grows in our hearts.


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