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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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Knight’s Soul Tale
By Sean Vessey 

Making living dead,
Done by removing soul within,
Leaving body intact,
Leaving a vessel for evil,
Ruled by ancient powers. 

Small petty acts cut deep, 
Humans excel at this vile skill,
With unlimited cruelty,
Toward their fellow humans,
Paving darknesses’ road.

Dark Keep in Moonlight,
Life sucking moat surrounded,
Larger below ground, 
Many layers of dark locked sealed rooms,
Where pieces of soul lay.

The evil old witch smiled,,
You came for your hearts secrets
Deep in the Dark Keep
For the lost soul pieces you left
“Are you strong enough, Knight?”

Knight shallowed very hard,
Without his complete lost soul,
He can not love fair,
And answer the siren’s love call,
Her heart is calling.

Past Her he advanced,
Down to his first room, childhood,
Happy and terrors,
He remembered with a start,
Grabbing soul’s piece up.

Deeper Knight advanced,
The next room is past regrets,
Large room his torch lit
Paths lost, people he had wronged,
Another soul piece gained.

Guilt is the next room,
Lost dead he left far behind, 
Pain caused in grief’s wake,
Promises to children unkept,
Souls Memories flow in.

Something dark stirs there,
His Darkness Dragon comes slow,
Red eyes, black solidifying 
His Dragon grew with his life,
With his worst dark fears.

Knight runs, last room looms,
He senses his Dragon coming,
Knight turns,”Stop” Knight roars,
Dragon stops sensing no fear,
“I am free” Knight says  

“You are not mine now”,
The Darkiness Dragon vanishes,
Knight’s final challenge room,
Love, but it is quite empty,
Where is soul’s last piece? 

Knight storms back above,
“I have the last piece Gray Knight”
Said the witch, Knight kneeling
“i am sorry” Knight said to her,
“For heart pain I caused”

“and I forgive you,
For pain I felt when you left,
Soon we will talk”
Witch hands him, his soul’s last piece,  
Knight leaves, eyes ahead.

His soul one, Knight laughs,
Her loving song calls him on fast,
Heart and soul pounding,
Gray Knight rides to her siren’s call,
Ready for love complete.


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