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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

Poetry, Short stories, Blog, Titan

Waves slap on rounded rocks,
In worn places with salty spray,
Endless motions felt.

Voids where formless dwell,
Things that bend your mind, your soul,
As they wait for gates.

I swirl in time’s wake,
Waiting to be touched by love,
Kissed by soulfire.

I desire a muse,
a compassionate woman, 
laying in sunshine.

Warmed by smiles in light,
Grand moon shines bright in dark night,
Signals spring’s delight.

Spring came when she did,
With last gasps Father Winter,
Melted right away.

Thunder rumbles deep,
Flashes stirs growing daylight,
your love warms inside

Muse songs in the waves,
Muse songs in the wind at night,
Muse songs in my heart.

Low boats rowers up,
Runners breathe in lucky air,
Red blood warms our souls.

Cherry Blossoms come,
Paints trees With colorful delight,
Hopes from Nature’s heart.

Kiss the lower lip,
A congress of crows desired,
Kiss both lips wetly.

Sunshine beams brightly,
Little circles of desires,
Feeling her warm breath

Morning eyes to eyes,
Morning Sunshine breath to breath,
Morning Lips to lips.

Cherry blossom trees,
Colors of life, loves colors,
Walk with me, my love.

Day’s horizon with night,
Closes like our skins naked distance,
Engulfed in warm dark.

Memories of your smile,
Rainy day seems new and bright,
Sweet dreams the wolf grins.

Blazing cold sunshine,
Teases eyes with celestial smiles,
Loving Artist’s hearts.

Gray knights lady rides,
Once he found her in his heart,
He never let go.

Feel my kisses travel,
Down your back to your soft curves,
Passion’s wildfire spreads. 


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