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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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Trees under water,
Spring’s rains with winter’s melt run,
Washing fears away.

Howl at the light moon,
Walk in the dark with my lust,
Feed your beast to me.

Kitchen table calls,
Dishes brushed aside with desire,
Flaming dessert served.

Our stars Witch’s prophecy,
Lion twins entwined across skies,
Undreamed passion’s rage.

Stepping in moonlight
Swaying to running heartbeats,
Resting watching stars
Looking for our signs kissing.

There are many quiet days,
Of magic dreams imagined there,
In less honorable places.

Today our sunshine,
Love and the promises of joy,
In our shinning eyes.

The heart of romance,
Is not the heat but the heart,
For love with heart rules,
In our hearts in night or day.

Poets are best in love,
Romulus and Remus say,
Or in star tears sway.

Where comes noble love,
from the stars or cupid’s dart,
Nay from in deep hearts

Passion comes from within,
Love’s desire to please your love,
Until exhaustion.

Keep your covers close,
They keep you warn in shadows,
Else you become one.

Earth spinning Sun kissed,
Warmed to life, embraced by light,
Our hearts intertwined.

Under sun and moon,
You hold my warm heart complete,
Where yours fit as one.

Left her breathing hard,
Sweating, warmed by her desires,
His Wolf’s curly fur.


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