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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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Tears of frost melt off,
Hearts warm after long winters,
In Love’s Springtime glow.

Lips, passionate dreams,
Heart whispers, voices in the air,
Kissing loves phantoms.

Her warm weeping need,
Calls for wolf lips and fur heat,
To bring her smiles out.

Unattended soft thighs,
Scream for attention from toes,
Fingers and warm lips.

Today we have sunshine,
Love and the promises of joy,
In our shinning eyes.

There are many quiet days,
Of magic dreams imagined there,
In less honorable places.

Whispers on our lips, 
Entangled searching tongues, 
Tasting I love you-s.

I feel you within,
Now touch me with your desire,
Weld our love with heat.

To love all of you,
Easy with all of me playing,
Body’s heart desires. 

Touching dreams and thoughts,
He reaches for her soul loving,
Her warmth, hopes, and heart


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