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Interview with Death (Three)

“Why are you so pretty”, I ask?
I am as those looking believe
You see me as pretty so I am.
I love you for this gift of beauty.

“Who are you and why are you here?”
I am  Azra, Angel of Death.
I am closest to Him in power.
At thought speed, I collect the dead.

“Wow, Is there any escape from you?”
None, everyone dies, there is no escape.
Everyone sees me how they see me.
I hope they see me like you do.

“Why are you here with me talking?”
I want to meet before you choose, 
Choose death, I’ll meet you for coffee.
If you don’t, you will live and be late.

Why do you like me so much, Azra?
I feel your strong empathy for others 
i like the ways you see me, very pretty.
You make me smile so very nicely.

How are you staying here to talk?
I move so fast you do not perceive it,
I am close to you many times a day.
I am inhaling in your breath.

Should we say Good Bye?
I will be here always for you,
So there is no hurry to see me,
You have much to learn in love.

Picture is “Danger” by FoxTongue at Fickr commons

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