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Interlude with Death

Hi, says visible Death
Across the table from me
“You sound tired” I say
Lives taken by force scar souls
Making it painful
For me to transport them out

“It hurts you” I amazed
Death nods I hate humans acts
That cause such soul hurt
More horrible then War Angels
May you never see that
I miss you Death whispered soft

I kiss you flying alot
Between stopped breaths when you sleep
Kissed you younger too.
“When will we be together?”
In mine yesterday
In your time still a while yet

You have grown my love
You are unique to my heart
Keeping all loves in
You would be awed by your soul
My name waiting there
Along with all who love you

I wish Death stopped no
You should see me with my wings
“I do” as I smiled
They burst behind as she cried
I love you and soared
Others fear Death but I love the Angel within.

/This is part of a series also posted/ My Mom died last April on her Birthdate and a friend commited suicide a year ago this week. Busy Death, the first Death poem was a reaction to that. A year after their deaths I can still shed a tear, I have forgiven them for leaving us in sorrow, I have forgiven myself for being the man I am, Life and Love are for the living so find the ones you love and say “I love you”. Say thank you for loving me


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