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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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Graceful stars beyond,
My smiling sun play unseen,
Behind days curtain.

My friend the Sun smiles,
Laughing brightly with warm life,
Tempting me to play.

Waking lost in dreams,
Melding in lavender heat,
Until morning comes.

I feel warming light,
Every moment with your love,
Through my open heart.

Hearts skinny dipping,
Revealing all in true love.
Morning’s smiles delights.

Touch me with your smile,
Laugh my fears away with hope,
Feel my heart greet you.

Sunset~ sun hidden ~rose glow lighting up the sky~like a city burning
~without screams~glorious glow of victory~defeat~endings~beginnings

Whisper on my heart,
A basilisk gaze on my eyes,
My smile yours always.

Daylight intrudes,
After thunderous night rain,
Whispers my name,
Daring me to play with her,
Dancing in forest delights.

Desires unquenched,
Heart’s wants rise in morning’s heat,
For your love only.

Daylight touches skin,
Love increases in morning glow,
As I wake with you.

My heart’s desire grows,
You have swept across my soul,
To be my life, Love.

Riding swift horses hard,
Coming home where the hearth is,
And your delicious lips.

You are everywhere,
Warming my heart, laughter sings,
In my happy soul.

I reach for the night,
you are there holding my heart,
loving me in dreams

Sunshine daydreaming,
Your lips, morning clementines,
Sweet exploding taste

Your notes rock my world,
Left there in my sleeping heart,
I awake in love.

I feel silent words,
I trust your heart and my heart,
I love your lips words.

Morning light smiles in
Waking my pounding heartbeats,
From dreams of your love.


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