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Dancing in Shadow

I know my beast is the wolf, what is hers?

my love’s under the moon.

she hides in a place between star light and the blue mist 

where she dances and sings  

my wolf searches the night for his shadow

she that is bound to his gait

he never sees her she never sees him

they feel each other’s presence they know…

He leaps at the Moon sensing her near, looking for her warmth

Sadly she turns away

she loves her wolf she fears their separation

The wolf wounded in heart howls. He knows his love’s longing

His pain breaks her resolve

She must come out for him. She warms him with her glow

He loves her at first sight knowing she is his heart’s desire

Her glow intensifies his howl rumbles from it’s depths

they mirror one another’s love

He runs with her in the freedom of the night 

they bask in the delights of the shadows

She howls at him. He shines for her  

They are one

bound in each other’s heart, under the moon, for all time

Duet by Leslie Moon @moonduster and Sean Vessey @seanotd Thank you for writing with me Leslie. You are a great writer. Picture Lonely Wolf source is Ghetu Daniel at Flickr Commons

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