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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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Occasionally in dreams we divide into aspects of ourselves and get into real trouble like these two, the Knight and the Wolf, serenading a fair maiden under the stars//

I dream I want

I want your hand/////////////I want your mouth
I want to walk with you/////I want your tongue
I want to talk about life/////I want to press you into me
I want long kisses////////////I want to trace your backbone
I want gentle caresses///////I want to touch your ass 
I want smiles and laughs////I want to kiss your breasts
I want warm hugs////////////I want to trace tongue lines down 
I want to lay under stars////I want to kiss you until you shake
I want to say I love you/////I want to merge in ecstasy
I want to say good night////I want to say good morning

ME I want all of these with the love I love that loves me

//A tweet version is out there but without knowing the voices much less interesting//


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