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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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Haiku s

I want you, our hearts,
under stars, moon, night, and light,
Our Soulfires melding.

Dancing with a dream,
Kissing, the face of heaven,
Loving her for her.

i read you my poems,
Then we do them, new lovers,
on passion’s doorstep.

Exploring bodies,
Our senses with frantic fervor,
Naked lust unbridled

Soft throat craves my mouth,
Tender kisses along your face,
Your taste addiction.

Bodies touch in heat,
Souls tasting passions within,
Consuming desires.

I like stirring you up up, enjoying the new scents of desire, the unique favor of you, the taste of joy.

Love the Sun shining,
On my face like your sweet breath,
My dear love to be.

I race coming night,
Past trails of shapely joggers,
Into setting light.

I lick your face playfully~ tasting your laughter~ in the rain we love~our hidden passions~pour out like the storm above~ a fury of desires

Riding in Sunrise,
Clouds blush like your morning glow,
From dancing all night.

You wash over me
N a new day’s light comin
Lifting us above
Warm darkness’s sweet taste
Ancient ocean’s salt 
Drawing us out dawn complete

Dreaming darkness kissed,
Warmed by your pounding heartbeat,
Embraced in your love.

He fills her in dreams,
Stretching her love soul larger
Making room for more.

Dark cold soulless sky,
Hunter’s night moon guides me home,
Lavender passions


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