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My Avatar
My avatar was once an egg
That hid me from the world
Kept secret that I had brown eyes
and hair with lots of curl
My friend got me an iPhone
There was no longer an excuse
The ease to get a photo on
compelled me now to choose
Did I want to engage, step out
To let myself be known?
Or stay a chick inside an egg
Unhatched, to tweet alone?
My son took many photos
Not one, not two, but three
Until I found the perfect one
To put out there as me.
And so it was for many weeks
I even joined a tribe
A bell was rung on my behalf
To enter usguys jive
SuzyQ was following and
Getting followed, too
A rare retweet and FF
‘Twas too good to be true
Then my friend inspired
Some Valentines Day fun
Change avatars to baby pics
A movement had begun
I gave my toddler photo
To my friend for computer scanning
But busy lives prevailed and  
Got in the way of all the planning  
My avatar did not drink from
The Twitter fountain of youth.
My friend’s now feeling guilty
And this I cannot soothe
I tried, but she won’t let me
Just the way it has to be
We all do stuff that makes us cringe
As we come by life honestly.
My egg is long forgotten,
Tweet stream checking is a habit.
I am out there being seen, cuz
It’s the Year of the Rabbit.


This poem is by SuzyQ.  She is a guest on my blog this week. She is one of those rare people with a talent for both words and music. She is “About family and kids, mine and others. Kid doc interested in social-emotional learning, expanding my view of healing. Guitar, song-writing”,

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