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Knight of the Heart (knightsheart)

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She is in his dreams dancing lightly across her sighs

closer than a whisper warming his heart

waking his need to dance with love

they dance to the soft sounds of night

spinning with the stars above and the lights in her eyes


desire awakening with each kiss

perfection in each fluid move

finding endless hope and cosmic display

lovers plight to only meet at night

days spent dreaming of the lover missed


Their rival daylight

in darkness ecstasy takes flight

tantalizing essence mesmerizes and captivates

lovers intertwined in a feast of senses

exploring the infinite horizons of joy so right


They revel in a world never fraught with pain

seize one last lingering kiss before dawn

walking in a daze until they dream another night away

eyes close reminded of each night’s

stormy currents turbulent plains

Thank you for letting my friend Leslie Moon and myself  share our poetry duets with you. Each line is a response to the other ~ this duet is sung from the heart to honor those celebrating Valentine’s Day.


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